Tele2 IoT Talks Amsterdam 2017



Registration, Breakfast, Exhibition, and mingle

Getting your wonderful day started from here and meet our selected exhibitors


Opening Keynotes

09:30-10:00 Keynote: To change or be changed, IoT is on!

Rami Avidan & Ingrid Wistrand

CEO & Deputy CEO, Tele2 IoT

10:00-10:15 Finding the Value in IoT

Leslie Shannon

Head of Ecosystem and Trend Scouting, Nokia

10:15-10:30 Unlocking the Value of Data with IoT

Ken Laversin

Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales, Cisco Jasper


Let’s talk about IoT – how IoT can grow my business

Rami Avidan, Leslie Shannon, Ken Laversin, Steve Hilton


Break & Exhibition

Energize yourself while talk to the exhibitors who will help you grow your businesses with IoT!


Industry Case Studies

11:30-11:50 ‘Choosing partners not suppliers’

Erik Lenten, CTO, Axians

11:50-12:10 ‘Connect to Innovate’

Mark Raben, CTO Presales EMEA, SAP

12:10-12:30 ‘Industrial IoT’

Jos. H. Blejie, CEO, ICT Group



12:30-12:50 Keynote: Looking beyond the use case

Niels de Schutter

Head of Business Division Connected Living & Mobility, Worldline, a Atos company



Rami Avidan

CEO, Tele2 IoT


Lunch & Exhibition

Take the chance to talk to our selected exhibitors who can realise your IoT projects.


Product Demo: See IoT in action!
’15 minutes of fame’

While you continue to mingle with others in the Exhibition area, we give the main stage to companies who have really cool IoT stuff to show! The session gives you an opportunity to see real-time IoT solutions and cutting-edge products, and each company gets 15 minutes to impress you. It’ll be super cool, so don’t miss out!

14:00-14:15  Data Orchestration has never been easier

Arjan Bovenberg, Head of Product Management at Tele2 IoT, will take you to a deep dive into the world of unifying your data

14:15-14:30  Industry 4.0: 3D metal printer learns how to think

Ronald Teijken, IoT Evangelist at IBM will demo the self-thinking 3D metal printer

14:30-14:45 The future of IoT starts where precision meets next level services

Allard Martinet, Director of Precision Makers, will demo the new generation farming machine powered by SIM Services & Tele2 IoT

14:45-15:00  Axians: When your grilling oven becomes smart

Raymond Janssen, Sales & Operations Manager at Axians, will showcase the FRI-Jado smart chicken oven which will amaze you while offering you some delicious food

15:00-15:15  ICT: Electric Vehicle charging goes smart

ICT Group will showcase how a smart EV charging solution works on a BMW i3 car

15:15-15:30 Advantech WISE-PaaS/RMM

Jaap Breepoel, Project Manager at Advantech, will showcase Advantech Remote Management with Tele2 4G connection on a dashboard

15:30-15:45  Cisco Jasper: we’ve got IoT under control

Daan de Wijs, IoT Cloud Consultant at Cisco Jasper, takes you to explore why a comprehensive IoT platform is vital to your IoT solutions

15:45-16:00 Telit: Easy device management for faster IoT deployments

Marco Corona, System Architect, will demo Telit’s famous deviceWISE which enables easier and faster management of your devices

16:00-16:15 Nokia


Thank you and see you

The day is going to an end but your journey in IoT has a new start!

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