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CEO, Tele2 IoT

Rami Avidan

Rami Avidan is heading up the IoT/M2M business for Tele2. He started Tele2’s engagement in M2M and IoT in 2012, and has since established Tele2 as a leading player in the space.

Rami is a serial entrepreneur and has created companies in many various industries among others IT Security, Finance and Telecoms. Rami has a deep understanding of the Telco industry with a specific focus on the M2M/IoT industry, primarily due to the fact that he co-founded and ran the Wyless Group of companies for several years.

Rami joined Tele2 in 2013. His strengths include strategy and vision as well as strong leadership skills. Rami holds two M.Sc´s one in Finance as well as Management from Regents University, London, UK.

Co-founder & CFO, Microtronics

Stefan Pfeffer

Stefan Pfeffer is CFO and CO-founder of Microtronics Engineering and responsible for financial and business development. Due to more than 10 years of experience in M2M / IoT Business he can show you how to benefit from this technology and how to implement it in already existing or new business models.

The financial side always plays an important role for Stefan. What is the customer benefit in your IoT project and which value do you create? And above all, how do you earn money with your business and what new sources of revenue streams will be opened? These are the central questions that Stefan is asking when designing an IoT project.

Previously he studied business management and e-business and was working as a consultant in process and organizational development.

Vice President and Head of IoT strategy, Nokia

Karl Bream

Karl Bream is the Vice President and Head of the Internet of Things Strategy at Nokia.  In that role, Karl focuses the company’s investments and resources towards the most significant opportunities for growth in the Internet of Things ecosystem.

Prior to that role, Karl was a Senior Partner and Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Alcatel-Lucent.  Karl was one of a the architects of the company’s Shift Plan, which turned around the profitability and the cash flow of the company and resulted in a quadrupling in shareholder value.  During this time, Karl also developed the growth plan for the cloud platform and software business at Alcatel-Lucent.

During his 20 years in the networking and communications industry, Karl has also held positions in sales and marketing, strategic business development and mergers and acquisitions for AT&T, Avaya, and Lucent Technologies.

Karl holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from George Washington University and an MBA from The Stern School at New York University. Karl is an active supporter of several local non-profits and social ventures in and around New York City and frequently travels internationally to build housing for the homeless in the most challenging geographies.

Board Member of Kinnevik & Former Finance Minister Sweden

Anders Borg

Anders served as Minister of Finance in Sweden between 2006 and 2014. In 2011, he was named European Finance Minister of the year by the Financial Times recognizing his outstanding political ability, economic performance and market credibility.

He has been a Director and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Investment AB Kinnevik since 2015, and also serves as Non-Executive Board Director of Millicom International Cellular, and is currently an advisor of Citigroup and member of its Nordic Advisory Board, and Chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Global Financial System Initiative.

Prior to his political career he held various jobs in Stockholm’s financial market, at Transferator Alfred Berg, ABN Amro Bank and Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB). From 2003-2006 he was Chief Economist and Head of Parliamentary Office for Sweden’s Moderate Party.

He studied philosophy, economic history and political science at Uppsala University and postgraduate studies in economics at Stockholm University.

Director Sales and Marketing, INSYS icom

Marcus Meyer

Markus Meyer is responsible for global sales and marketing since early 2015 and played an important role in the design of the new INSYS Smart IoT platform. After his graduation in Electrical Engineering at the RWTH Aachen, Mr. Meyer was operating in expert and line functions at Ericsson, IBM, Siemens and BT. He focussed on business development, sales and product management in national and international environment for communication line solutions, managed services and customer services.

CEO, Diehl Connectivity Solutions GmbH (DCS)

Robert Tippmann

Robert Tippmann became CEO of Diehl Connectivity Solutions (DCS) after 16 years at Accenture, where he was partner in the CRM service line, specialized in turning customer insights into new business opportunities – from strategy to process and IT implementation. His client focus industries was on utilities, automotive and consumer goods.He has over 15 years of experience in applying advanced analytical methods to create business value. His studies lead to a Diplom-Kfm. from Universität des Saarlandes und a MBA from Colorado University.

Global Business Development Manager, Cisco Jasper

David O'Hara

David leads business development in Europe for Cisco IoT Cloud, the world leading cloud based connectivity management platform (acquired by Cisco in March 2016). His role at Cisco is to consult Mobile Network Operators on how they can best monetize IoT and leverage Digitization through the Cisco-Jasper Control Center and additional Cisco IoT Services and Solutions. David held Sales Management roles in Vodafone Global Enterprise and Vodafone M2M. David is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and holds an MBA in Marketing and Innovation.

CTO, Tele2 IoT

Stephen Bryant

Stephen is a pioneer in IoT and all things digital working as CTO of Tele2 IoT, an orchestrator of connectivity and connect solutions globally. His career has been all about building platforms before platforms were a thing for MVNEs, IoT connectivity and real-time analytics and machine learning.

Stephen has worked with many of the largest and most prestigious enterprises to build globally available business and life critical connectivity into their brand.

CEO, drivebox

Jacek Borowski

Jacek is co-owner and CEO of drivebox™ – innovative and promising IoT start-up focused on connected passenger cars. He is also co-owner of several other IT projects at different stage of development.

Jacek has a proven track record of several years’ experience at frameLOGIC, a leading software producer of telematics and mobile solutions. He developed new market strategies and took active part in launch of new innovative solutions.
Jacek has great experience in business consulting, data analysis, and retail industry, what leaded him to focus on customer experience.

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