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Nokia is a global leader in creating the technologies at the heart of our connected world. Powered by the research and innovation of Nokia Bell Labs, we serve communications service providers, governments, large enterprises and consumers, with the industry’s most complete, end-to-end portfolio of products, services and licensing. From the enabling infrastructure for 5G and the Internet of Things, to emerging applications in virtual reality and digital health, we are shaping the future of technology to transform the human experience.

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Cisco Jasper

Cisco Jasper is a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform leader. We believe that IoT is more than a smart thing, a great app, and a way to connect to the internet. It’s not about things, it’s about meeting the changing needs and expectations of customers with new services, experiences and business models that deliver bottom line growth.
For more than a decade we’ve been helping companies worldwide launch, manage and monetize connected IoT services to drive business transformation and deliver innovative connected services.
More than 10,000 companies of all sizes use Control Center, our automated connectivity management platform, to ensure the secure, reliable delivery of IoT services that enhance customer experiences and drive revenue.

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Telit’s ONE STOP. ONE SHOP. offers cellular, short-range and GNSS modules plus value added services to connect them over wireless, into cloud and business systems. From Telit Automotive Solutions come products for Automotive OEMs. Design-in and m2mAIR customer support from Telit offices, distributor network , and the Technical Support Forum.

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Industrial data communication is revolutionizing the world economy and INSYS is a driving force in its continuing development. In bridging the communication between machines and systems, the question of physical distance has been removed almost completely. It doesn’t matter whether the sender and receiver are separated by continents or just around the corner. Our customers can act immediately because they have their data at their fingertips. That saves time and money and increases productivity, especially in the areas of remote control, service and maintenance.

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Westermo Data Communications AB

As our world develops, the need for better and more reliable data communications will grow. Our ambition is to provide the world’s best industrial networks. Cyber security for industrial networks will become more and more important along with the ability of the network to recover from interruptions. At Westermo we have a wealth of experience in industrial communications applications. This is built in to our own products backed by our professional and skilled teams in research and development and production that will enable this vision. The requirement for industrial grade data communications continues to grow as industry understands that its needs differ from that of the corporate IT world. In industrial environments operating environments are tough, expected lifetimes are in excess of 10 years and the impact of failure in the field can lead to business threating situations. These factors have resulted in a demanding and fast growing market place.

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Advantech Europe B.V.

Founded in 1983, Advantech is a leader in providing trusted, innovative products, services, and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, embedded systems, automation products, and global logistics support. We cooperate closely with our partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries. Our mission is to enable an intelligent planet with Automation and Embedded Computing products and solutions that empower the development of smarter working and living. With Advantech, there is no limit to the applications and innovations our products make possible.

As a global leader of the embedded computing market, Advantech Embedded-IoT Group not only offers a wide range of embedded design-in services but also provides diverse integrated IoT solutions that assist customers with IoT adoption while minimizing uncertainty and risk. Advantech’s integrated IoT solutions include sensor nodes, gateways, Edge Intelligence Server (EIS), and the WISE-PaaS IoT software platform.

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Dell EMC

Dell EMC

Dell EMC takes a pragmatic approach to the Internet of Things (IoT) by building on the equipment and data you already have, and leveraging your current technology investments, to quickly and securely enable analytics-driven action. At Dell EMC we:

  • Architect for analytics. Dell EMC’s analytics, data management and infrastructure solutions provide the power to ensure your IoT solution enables analytics where it makes sense – at the edge, in the data center or in the cloud.
  • Think security first. With award-winning security tools and expertise, and a holistic approach,
    Dell EMC helps ensure your infrastructure and data remain safe, secure and private.
  • Provide choice and flexibility. Dell EMC’s broad portfolio of key IoT technologies, combined with a rich partner ecosystem, allows you to build the right IoT ecosystem for your unique needs.

With a comprehensive solution portfolio, and pragmatic approach, Dell EMC reduces the complexity, lowers the risk and increases the speed of deploying IoT initiatives.

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Fujitsu Sverige

Fujitsu Sverige

Digital technology is transforming business, society and the everyday lives of people. In this new digital society, we continue to be a technology leader, striving to meet our customers’ expectations. This is why we are investing in four priority areas – AI, Cloud, IoT and Security.

In a digital society, a new approach is required. Open innovation is key for realizing our customers’ digital transformations. We are actively shaping strong ecosystems that our customers, startup companies, academic institutions and partners participate in.

At Fujitsu, we firmly believe that technology enables people’s happiness and wellbeing. As technology plays a more important role than ever before, we must put people at the center of everything we do.

Our 156,000 people across the world are committed to Digital Co-creation with our customers. We are confident that this will deliver significant benefits for our customers and for society.

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ZTE focus on transformative value-added M-ICT innovations for consumers, carriers, enterprises and organizations as mobile connectivity and cloud-based technologies reshape the digital landscape.

As an industry-leading provider of Smart City solutions and IoT integrated communication solutions, ZTE has extensive experience in the field of wireless communication and provides IoT industry vertical solutions for e.g. e-Health, Energy, Public safety, Automotive, Transportation, Parking and smart home.ZTEs IoT products and solutions have been widely used globally in Vehicle-mounted terminals, Smart Power Grids, Remote Controllers, GPS, Wireless POS Machines, Logistics, Security and Surveillance.

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HiQ helps to make the world a better place by making people’s lives simpler and better through technology and communication. We are the perfect partner for everyone eager to achieve results that make a difference in a digital world. Founded in 1995, HiQ has more than 1,500 specialists in four countries and is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap list. We are a leading Nordic company with both regional and global clients. Thanks to our range we work at all levels within our clients’ organisations – with IT and R&D as well as on the marketing and business development side. We are present in all industries, helping organisations to strengthen their businesses, simplify for their users, and streamline operations.

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Simpler, smoother, smarter business in the Digital Dimension

Enfo creates innovative digital solutions that develop, innovate and improve operations for our customers. With business awareness, technical expertise and proven work methods, we refine information flows and develop IT solutions so that our clients take the initiative in a digitalized world and are able to deliver results and experiences to their clients.

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ifm electronic ab

ifm electronic ab

ifm electronic is one of the world’s leading sensor and automation companies.

We manufacture everything from sensors adapted to all types of industries or mobile applications to cost effective software allowing connection up to ERP.

With IO-Link in the sensors you have the start of Big Data, data is partly sent to the PLC or controllers, with our software, you can also easily and simultaneously send data to other systems, e.g. your ERP

We have the tools for Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and know the needs to reach the digital factory.

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Acandia AB

Acandia AB

Acandia help companies monitor and control their business. We offer solutions for measurement and control, from single sensors to fully automated custom designed systems as well as solutions for remote management and communication.

The product line includes a full range of GSM-controllers as well as a broad suite of industrial routers for mobile networks.

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Sigma Connectivity

Sigma Connectivity

Sigma Connectivity is a world-class design and development house with the ability to transform ideas into reality. With over 30 years of experience we are driven by a passion to bring innovative products to some of toughest markets on the planet. Our engineers and  ID designers, together with our advanced in-house labs, can rapidly design, build and deploy smarter connected experiences that bring new levels of power to our clients.

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Axelerate Solutions provides a hyper-scaled, enterprise ready Internet of Things, business platform in the cloud. The IoT platform comprises services and solutions needed to profitably connect and manage huge volumes of connected products and devices such as electricity meters, vehicles, health monitoring and industrial automation on a global base. By using our unique turnkey end-to-end solution, telecom network operators and enterprises can shorten time-to-market and scale their deployment of IoT services and connected devices quickly and profitably.

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L&T Technology Services

L&T Technology Services

L&T Technology Services is a subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited, providing pure-play engineering R&D services to customers worldwide in diverse industry segments such as Industrial Products, Medical Devices, Transportation, Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Semiconductors and Process Industry.

L&T Technology Services leverages its proven application engineering capabilities and comprehensive expertise in end-to-end IoT and M2M ecosystem technologies and domains: sensors, modules, modems, RF, network management, hardware, mechanical, cloud, big data, mobile applications, security and analytics, and engages with customers to contribute in their IoT strategies; develop, deploy and commission connected smart products, design smart services, conceptualize and implement smart manufacturing and operations.

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ACTE Solutions AB

ACTE Solutions AB

Acte is one of Sweden’s leading distributors of industrial computers and communication solutions. We provide standard to customized products and services for industrial applications in embedded system and IoT solutions.

Embedded; Industrial Box pc, Panel PC, Motherboards,

IoT: Industrial routers, terminal and modules for GSM/3G /LTE / Bluetooth/Wifi/ISM.

ACTE Connect Cloud: We offer end-to-end solutions including hardware from your IoT “thing” and smart asset tracking.

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Sim Services

Sim Services

Sim Services is the independent specialist in the field of IoT connectivity. We literally bring your hardware to life and make it a ‘solution experience’ for your customer. Connectivity is playing a key role in propositions nowadays. IoT drives business models more and more. It offers great opportunities and possibilities to improve your solutions. But ever thought about potential risks? Ever questioned what happened if your connectivity fails? Or your clients data is been captured by who knows? Stop worrying and start talking! Talk IoT with Sim Services.

Sim Services connects your world on a save and reliable way. We put our extensive IoT experience to work and make it all happen together. Focusing on customization, security and support. Always creating a connectivity solution around your proposition instead of other way round. Moreover, we would like to make it more easy for you. For that reason we apply our motto: IoT made easy!

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Imagimob has expert competence in sensor technology and artificial intelligence and has invented and developed SensorBeat, which is a motion intelligence system that understands the motion of things and people.

We translate raw sensor data from motion sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) on small electronic devices into useful information that it is possible to act on, by applying our own artificial intelligence technology on the data. This is deep tech.

We have invented a unique solution, which means that our motion intelligence software runs on small devices. This is a different approach from solutions where all sensor data is streamed from the device to the cloud, and where all the intelligence is in the cloud.

SensorBeat is patented technology and a registered trademark in the EU. The company is headquarted in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more on

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Yodiwo AB is an Enterprise “Application Enablement” IoT Cloud Platform provider that enables easy deployment of IoT / M2M applications. Through its global network of HW and SW technology partners, it acts as one-stop-shop for its System Integrator customers who license the platform to develop end-to-end solutions in verticals such as industry 4.0, asset tracking, home automation, retail, smart city, smart warehouse, precision farming and others.

Yodiwo’s market penetration strategy relies on the advanced features of its platform in terms of edge data analytics capabilities based on its patent pending IoT fog technology, the integration with third party services which expands the intelligence offered to its customers, the code free application development that minimizes the time to market of complex workflows and the deeply integrated dashboard creation methodology which minimizes the license cost.

Yodiwo currently has market presence in US, Sweden, UK, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, South Africa and Japan.

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Hexaware is a global provider of IT, BPS and consulting services and focuses on key domains such as Manufacturing and Consumer, Banking, Financial Services, Capital Market, Healthcare, Insurance, Travel, Transportation and Logistics. Founded in 1990, Hexaware has a well-established global delivery model armed with proven proprietary tools and methodologies, skilled human capital and SEI CMMI-Level 5 certification.

Today, Hexaware is helping enterprises transform their business by building and managing hybrid environments and continuously integrating additional sources of data to improve insights using automation and technology. In this endeavour, Hexaware has invested substantially in the Internet of Things space by collaborating with leading platform and service providers and developed IOT solutions and M2M frameworks to meet specific customer use cases.

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